A Better Way to pH

Rugged, glass-free, extremely small form-factor pH electrodes that move pH sensing seamlessly from the lab to the field.


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No Glass, No Silver (Ag-less)

Concerns over breakage and contamination force many sensitive applications into a grab-sample-analyze process. By eliminating glass and silver from the pH sensing process, you can now incorporate pH sensing in-line, dramatically improving process control.

Small, Lightweight, Passive Sensing

With the advent of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), the infrastructure now exists for remote monitoring. Small, lightweight sensors can be deployed in a variety of remote environments. Passive sensing minimizes power requirements, extending battery life.

Innovative Polymer Design

Many liquids contain aggressive chemicals, strong reduction-oxidation (RedOx) couples, and heavy solids clog and contaminate traditional glass bulb electrodes. Novel polymer design can effectively block these substances so that they don’t degrade the quality of the pH measurement.

Endless Possibilities

Eliminating silver and glass, and dramatically reducing the size of sensing electrodes, pH measurements can now be made in a host of applications that were not previously practical or cost-effective.

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